When You Want to Improve Your Smile | Walnut Creek Dentist

If there was any time of year that we need to have a fantastic smile, it’s the holiday season. Not only is it time to take photos with Santa, but it’s a time for spending time with family and friends and having a great set of pearly whites will only make your social events and reunions that much more special. After all, tis the season for a social media post so we want to look our best. So, if our smile could use some improvement, it’s time to decide what type of game plan to take.

Whitening, a good cleaning and other subtle improvements are easy to make, but one of the more confusing choices to make are improving dental imperfections. Both bonding and veneers have similarities, but the procedures are quite different.

Dental bonding. Dental bonding uses a smooth, tooth-colored solution which is applied to teeth. It covers stains and fills in small chips and gaps and is ideal for patients that want to improve one or two teeth. After the dental bonding solution has been applied and shaped, a specialized dental light is used to harden the bonding material. When the process is complete the tooth is then polished.

Porcelain veneers. For patients who have several cosmetic problems or want their entire set of front-facing teeth made over, the best option is porcelain veneers. Fabricated from a solid piece of porcelain, veneers fit over the front and underside of your tooth covering the entire surface of visible tooth. They are beneficial because they can be fitted to lengthen or widen teeth to close gaps or fill in chips.

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