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Oral Health

Being “long in the tooth” isn’t just a funny way to tell someone they’re old. In fact, as we age, our gums naturally begin to recede. And despite it being a natural part of life, leaving it untreated can begin to cause future health issues, both your dental health and your health overall.

Prevention is the best way to manage gum recession and improve your oral health:

Visit your dentist. Experts recommend that you visit your dentist twice a year, but if your gums are already receding, more visits may be needed.

Improve your oral hygiene. If you are suffering from gum recession it typically means that you haven’t been taking proper care of your mouth. Make sure you practice proper dental hygiene.

Increase your fruit and vegetable intake. Vitamin C reduces inflammation resulting from gum disease, helps promote gum regeneration, and also helps increase your immune system, making it a great idea to eat more fruits and veggies containing vitamin C.

Stop smoking. It’s commonly known that smoking increases your risk for gum disease. If you’re already suffering from gum recession, you can help make you condition much more manageable by quitting.

Avoid sugar. Bacteria and plaque in your mouth builds up naturally, and if you’re snacking on lots of sugar, it will dramatically increase its growth. By cutting down your sugar consumption, you can prevent unnecessary bacteria and plaque buildup and improve your overall health.

Drink more water. Drinking water helps rinse away food partials that may have been trapped in between your teeth and gums after eating, and increases saliva production, which also aids in removing leftover food debris.

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