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Having a bright white smile is something everyone hopes for. After all, who doesn’t want a smile that makes everyone stop and stare? The problem is, there are tons of things we do in our daily lives that prevent our teeth from staying as white as we’d like. The good thing is, we can always turn to the various over-the-counter products available to whiten our teeth or visit our dental professionals to get a professional whitening treatment when things get too out of control. But in between these treatments, there are choices we can make in our diets that can help keep our smiles the brightest they can be. Here is a quick list of things to avoid after a treatment and to help avoid staining in general:

Wine. Many individuals assume that only red wine stains the teeth, however, professionals agree that white wine also contains staining agents that could ruin your white smile.

Tea. We all associate teeth stains with drinking coffee, but black teas can be bigger staining agents than coffees.

Sodas and sports drinks. The sugars and high acidity of sodas and sports drink catalyze the staining process of teeth. They also break down tooth enamel, revealing a dingier tinge to our smile.

Berries. From blueberries to grapes, any foods and beverages made from berries can all cause stains.

Candy. Many candies have staining agent that causes the teeth and tongue to change colors.  Stay away from hard candies, chewing gum, and lollipops because of the risk of damaging your white smile.

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