Keep Those Pearly Whites as Long as Possible | Walnut Creek Dentist

teeth whiteningMost of us will equate having a great smile to have white teeth. And while most of us strive to achieve it, it isn’t always the easiest to maintain. Many of our lifestyle choices, like smoking or drinking coffee, keep up from keeping up our bright smiles. The change isn’t immediate – we brush on the daily and buy teeth-whitening products on the market – but over time, these habits catch up to our teeth and they begin to tinge. This is about the time we decide to call our favorite Walnut Creek dentists.

Once your teeth whitening procedure is complete and we have our pearly whites back, now we have to maintain them for as long as possible. And while we have a tough time changing our habits, here are the main foods that will ruin its gleam:

Wine. Many individuals assume that only red wine stains the teeth, however, professionals agree that white wine also contains staining agents that could ruin your white smile.

Tea. While we would think coffee stains more than tea, black teas can stain more than coffee.

Sodas and sports drinks. The sugars and high acidity of sodas and sports drink catalyze the staining process of teeth by breaking down your tooth enamel.

Berries. From blueberries to grapes to any foods and beverages made from berries, unfortunately, they all can cause stains.

Candy. Many candies have staining agents that cause your teeth and tongue to change colors.  Stay away from hard candies, chewing gum, and lollipops because of the risk of damaging your white smile.

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