What to Expect from Dentures | Walnut Creek Dentist

When it’s time to get dentures, it is important to know that there will be some changes to your everyday lifestyle. The way you speak, your diet, even your dental hygiene routines will likely change. But many of these changes aren’t extreme and will dissipate once you become used to your new smile.

Adjustment period. There is going to be a new object in your mouth, so an adjustment period is a given. You may find that they don’t fit properly, or that your gag reflex is affected more than you thought. This is natural. Your tongue will need to get used to the feeling of pressing against the denture and not your palate.

Talking. When you talk, most of the sound of your voice reaches your ears through vibrations in the bones of your jaw and skull. Believe it or not, dentures can change the sound and make it seem louder, though it isn’t to others. If your dentures make a clicking sound when you speak, speak slower – with time and practice you will overcome this difficulty.

Eating. Don’t get disturbed by the fact that it may seem like food has lost its taste and are unable to tell the temperature of food. This happens because the signals your brain is receiving about your dentures may overpower those from your taste buds.

Saliva production. You may find that you are producing more saliva as you get used to your dentures. Try sucking on a mint or hard candy to encourage swallowing more. It’ll take some time for your mouth to heal and adjust.

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