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TMJ disorders are problems with the jaw joint. A problem with the muscles or joints in your jaw can lead to headaches, ear pain, bite problems, jaw pain and much more. There are several conditions that can end up causing TMJ.

  • Bruxism (Teeth grinding and clenching): Sufferers of bruxism often wake up with jaw or ear pain. This is due to wear on the cartilage lining of the temporomandibular joint.
  • Gum chewing or nail biting
  • Malocclusion: the misalignment of teeth. Some people find it hard to chew on a certain side of their teeth due to misalignment, so they habitually chew on the other side causing excess stress on that side of the jaw.
  • Previous jaw fractures or injury.

Some of the symptoms of TMJ are headache, ear pain, dizziness and ringing in the ear. If you have any of these symptoms and feel you may have a TMJ disorder contact the best in prosthodontic care Dr. Barmby and Dr. Frick of Walnut Creek Prosthodontics. They will evaluate your symptoms and help alleviate your pain. Make an appointment today at 925-934-5526. Visit their website for more information at

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Toss out the Denture Adhesive! | Prosthodontics | Walnut Creek, CA

Walnut Creek Prosthodontics is proud to offer Implant Supported Dentures.  These types of dentures are a more permanent solution to regular dentures that can slip, are painful and make it hard to eat. They are custom made to fit your mouth and needs.  If you don’t need full dentures, you can get partials. There are several different types of implant supported dentures available.



How do they work?

Implant snaps are placed. The denture is then anchored to the implant snaps. This creates a more stable and comfortable fit. Two or more implants snaps can be used. The more implant snaps used, the more stable the dentures become.

What are the advantages?

  • No adhesives
  • Easier to chew
  • More comfortable than traditional dentures
  • Improved speech
  • Visual appearance
  • Reduced bone loss common with traditional dentures

To learn more about prosthodontics and more specifically, implant supported dentures, call Dr.’s Barmby and Frick at Walnut Creek Prosthodontics in Walnut Creek, CA at 925-934-5526. Visit their website at

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Is it time for me to get Dentures? | Walnut Creek, CA

The only one who can really tell if it’s time for you to get dentures is your dentist. Doctors Barmby and Frick of Walnut Creek Prosthodontics have the expert knowledge and expertise to suggest dentures after a thorough examination of your teeth and mouth. If dentures are suggested there are several denture options available and she will help you decide which is best for you.

The following are some signs that you are a good candidate for dentures:

Severe tooth decay: if the teeth are so decayed they are beyond repair, then they will need to be pulled. If it’s only a few teeth, a bridge can be used. If a majority of the teeth are decayed or missing, a full denture would be needed.

Physical Injury: People with sports injuries or accidents which lead to tooth loss.

Periodontal disease: If teeth and gums are left untreated, periodontal disease can lead to tooth loss.

Thanks to the modern advancements in technology, dentures are not what they used to be. There are several options available from different shapes, sizes, colors and the new implant supported dentures. They are custom fitted to give you the smile you have always wanted and no one will have to know you are wearing dentures.

Don’t be afraid to get dentures! Make an appointment today 925-934-5526 or