Poor Dental Hygiene Can Harm You | Walnut Creek Dentist

When it comes to our mouths, good oral hygiene is pertinent to keeping your bodies healthy. And you can’t limit your hygiene to just brushing. Brushing your teeth every day doesn’t always prevent harmful bacteria from growing inside of your mouth. And that harmful bacteria can lead to gum disease, an infection of the tissue that surrounds and supports your teeth. The following represents just a few ways gum disease can affect your overall health:

Your heart. Several studies have shown that gum disease is associated with heart disease. It has been proven that gum disease increases the risk of heart disease and worsen existing heart conditions.

Your lungs. Inhaling harmful bacteria at any time is bad for us due to the respiratory infections. Studies have shown that the bacteria growing in your mouth can be ingested into your lungs, resulting in infections like pneumonia.

Your blood. Those with diabetes are more susceptible to infection, and that includes gum disease. And to come full circle, gum disease can lead to increased blood sugar and diabetic complications.

Your brain. Some research has suggested there is a link between gum disease and the risks for developing Alzheimer’s disease. Other research has suggested that gum disease may also be associated with mild cognitive impairment, making daily life more difficult.

If you’re suffering from gum disease, make sure to keep it under control by brushing twice a day for two minutes, flossing once, and rinsing with an antimicrobial mouthwash. Also, remember to visit your dentist for regular checkups and professional cleanings.

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