There’s No Reason to Fear the Dentist | Walnut Creek Dentist

85% of Americans can agree – when it comes to health fears, they will say, “I hate the dentist”. And it’s generally because of two reasons: needles or that numbness that lasts long after the procedure is complete. In order to help relieve your anxiety, some type of sedation is administered during the visit. And for many, this makes something as simple as a dental check-up a dreaded fact of life.

The problem is, one can never be too sure what will happen when they see the dentist. This causes a lot of fear as the dental appointment slowly creeps up on us. It is called dental anxiety. If you are one of those patients that will forever have a problem relaxing with a dentist, we can offer you an oral sedative to help you settle those nerves long enough for you to get through your visit.

Thankfully, we now utilize the digital age by working with technologies like lasers, digital radiology & impressions, and even social media. In 2012, a dental laser was introduced that can perform more than 95% of restorative treatment WITHOUT the use of needles or anesthesia. Even more, braces are no longer metal cages since the development of custom-made invisible aligners. No popped wires, no head gear, no more awful selfies. If you need something like a crown or veneers, CEREC® uses computers to design and manufacture ceramic restorations that are metal-free, tooth-colored and finished in one single dental visit!

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