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missing teeth

Living with missing teeth can drastically decrease your level of confidence and hinder you from showing off your smile. Doctors Barmby and Frick assure individuals that missing teeth can be repaired through a variety of cosmetic dental procedures, including all of the following:

  • Dental Implants- If you are missing teeth, especially teeth located in the front of the mouth, dental implants may be ideal to enhance your look. The artificial tooth used for this cosmetic procedure is anchored with an implant that ensures the longevity of your dental implant.
  • Complete Dentures- For those individuals who are missing all of their teeth on the upper and lower jaw, complete dentures may be perfect for your dental situation. Conventional dentures will allow you to achieve your ideal smile eight to 12 weeks after your visit.
  • Partial Dentures- For those individuals who are missing one or more teeth, partial dentures will give you natural smile through inserting a metal bridge in the vacant area and securing the bridge with metal clasps.

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Walnut Creek Dentist | Benefits of Implant Supported Dentures

Drs. Barmby and Frick agree that implant supported dentures are extremely advantageous because of the following reasons:

  • Speaking Abilities- Your speaking abilities will drastically improve because of how stable implant supported dentures are.
  • Eating with Ease- Eating with traditional dentures can be difficult because the dentures might come out of place. With implant supported dentures, individuals have the ability to eat with complete confidence.
  • Rejuvenate your Look- Your implant supported dentures will be the exact fit of your gum line for a natural looking smile.
  • Complete Comfort- Traditional dentures can rub against the gum line causing discomfort, however, implant supported dentures alleviate any pains.

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Walnut Creek Dentist | What are Implant Supported Dentures?


According to Drs. Barmby and Frick, implant supported dentures are secured in place by dental implants, providing a stable denture foundation for patients. Not only do implant supported dentures improve comfort, but they improve your chewing abilities, appearance, speech, and confidence! Because traditional dentures simply rest on the gums, they are not as stable as implant supported dentures.

Drs. Barmby and Frick encourage their patients to invest in implant supported dentures to minimize further bone loss because a process called alveolar bone resorption begins once a tooth is lost. This process causes the boneyhousings that once encased and held the teeth in place to melt away beneath the chewing pressures of the dentures. For this reason, implant supported dentures are vital because once the dental implants are placed in the bone beneath the bone, they drastically slow the resorption process. Avoid allowing your teeth to further damage! Implant supported dentures are the solutions to your dental problems.

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