Do I Qualify for Partial Dentures? | Walnut Creek Dentist

According to Drs. Barmby and Frick, partial dentures are ideal for individuals who have are missing teeth, but still have most of their natural teeth. Not only must individuals have remaining teeth, but their teeth must be in healthy with no signs of tooth decay or disease.

Partial dentures are simply replacement teeth that are attached to a gum-colored plastic base. Your partial dentures can then be placed inside your mouth for a more natural and rejuvenated look!

But what if I do not qualify for partial dentures?

Thanks to Drs. Barmby and Frick, there are a variety of dental procedures including dental implants, dental crowns, and dental bridges to treat your specific condition. Schedule an appointment with Drs. Barmy and Frick to determine if partial dentures are right for you.

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