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Implant Dentistry

If you are missing one or more teeth, Drs. Barmby and Frick may recommend dental implant treatment since it is generally the preferred method of tooth replacement. When adequate quantity and quality of bone is available, dental implants represent the closest modern dentistry can get to giving patients their lost teeth back and returning the mouth to its natural state without compromising the adjacent teeth. Single dental implants, implant-fixed bridges and implant supported dentures are some of the dental implant options available for replacing lost teeth. Prosthodontists are specialists in the restoration of dental implants. Dr. Barmby's expertise in creating your new teeth (prosthesis) will enable you not only to eat and speak comfortably, but to have a beautiful smile.

Serving as substitute tooth roots, dental implants preserve the integrity of facial structures by preventing the deterioration of the jawbone that occurs when teeth are missing. Often doubling the force of the bite, improving overall health and well-being and restoring the confidence that comes from a natural smile and appearance, implants have enhanced the quality of life for thousands of people throughout the world.